Should parents insist on regular music practice?

Learning Strategies for Musical Success

Should parents insist on regular music practice? On the one hand, parental pressure can destroy a child’s sense of motivation: if the child takes the initiative, it is best not to interfere. On the other hand, commitment is fundamental to character. Commitment perseveres through low times and high times and helps individuals overcome difficulties. Children only can learn about commitment by being committed. As children grow, they learn about responsibilities, such as the requirement to complete school homework and the expectation to assist with household chores. Just as parents and teachers sometimes must encourage children with these obligations, so it is with music.

The expectation of a commitment underpins the regard attributed to an activity. If there are household expectations in some areas, but not regarding music practice, it could imply to the child that music learning is not that important. Children always will be tempted to neglect their practice…

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