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Your Piano Room Acoustics

Originally posted on Britannia Piano Auctions:
The dimensions and layout of your piano room will undoubtedly have an effect on the overall sound. Have you ever listened to a piano that is too powerful for the room it is in? Not only can it be deafeningly loud but it will often result in a poor quality of sound. As a rule of thumb larger pianos… Continue reading Your Piano Room Acoustics

Optimize Your Piano Practice Time

Originally posted on The Art of Piano Performance:
Practice Tips for Developing a Solid Technique in Piano Performance Practicing is both an art and a science. Every student of piano performance must remember that their achievement on the instrument will be the direct result of the amount of time and the quality of their practicing. The art and science of practicing is not just time… Continue reading Optimize Your Piano Practice Time

Piano Performance in Boca Raton

Piano Lessons in Boca Raton

The Art of Piano Performance http://www.theartofpianoperformance.com/ Continue reading Piano Lessons in Boca Raton

Kossuth-A Symphonic Poem

Bartok’s Kossuth, A Symphonic Tone Poem Kossuth, a symphonic poem written by Béla Bartók in 1903, was written in honor of the Hungarian politician Lajos Kossuth, a hero of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. Bartók’s symphonic poem music tells the story of Kossuth, starting with a portrait of him, recounting the revolution and in the eight movements paints a picture of the Austrians approaching by … Continue reading Kossuth-A Symphonic Poem